The Home That Love Built

By Susan Clairmont (The Hamilton Specator)

ryanThey just keep going.

They pull one another up. Dust each other off. Give thanks for what they have and get on with it.

They did it two years ago when 17-year-old Ryan had a rare spinal stroke at the gym. He became a quadriplegic.

They did it six months ago when Ryan's mom was diagnosed with leukemia.

They did it six weeks ago when Ryan's grandfather died of cancer, just before Ryan was to finally — finally — come home for the first time since he has been in a wheelchair.

They have done it a thousand times in between, as they cope and survive and carry on.

This is a family that believes there is strength in numbers. That laughs through its pain. That vows to stick together, quite possibly for the rest of their lives.

I have introduced you to Ryan Joslin before. A quarterback and scholar who was stretching before his workout and felt a pop in his neck. Ninety minutes later he couldn't move below his shoulders. His lungs shut down. The blood flow to his spine was interrupted.

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Award of Merit in Architecture (2011)

Award of Merit in Architecture (2011)

mulas awardclick to enlarge


1530 Stone Church Road East, Hamilton
Mercanti Banquet and Convention Centre
Romanov and Romanov Architects Incorporated Edwards Design
Mulas Construction Ltd.

Project Description

The C Hotel by Carmen’s is a six-storey, 52 suite luxury boutique hotel that is located next door to the Carmen’s Banquet Centre on Stone Church Road East. The architecture of the Hotel is uniquely “Carmen’s” with an entrance design that features a wing like canopy inviting visitors into the lobby. Leading the way, this hotel introduces a number of sustainable features such has energy saving elevators and digitally automated heating and cooling systems for every hotel room.

Jury Comments

Most hotels follow a set formula for the interior layout that dictates the outside appearance of the building and generates a predictable façade – but not the C Hotel By Carmen’s. This project is awarded in recognition of the innovative approach to design achieved by the architecture of this hotel. The C Hotel By Carmen’s carves its own brand with an architectural style that promotes variation in the form and exterior materials of the building to create visually interesting building forms that are stepped with varying cornice lines. The architectural design includes stone and large areas of glazing that are highlighted by a bold canopy and entrance feature that draws visitors directly to the main entrance.

Forum Magazine - Mulas Custom Homes

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Chip Mulas Creates Dreams One Detail at a Time
by Dale West

Like many custom home contractors, Chip Mulas absorbed much of his expertise from his father, a master stonemason who brought his son to construction sites at an early age, building on a family tradition of over thirty-five years. Under his father’s guidance, Chip Mulas became a stonemason in his own right, a craft he still practices from time to time to keep his skills honed. The most valuable lesson Chip acquired from this visits to building sites came from observing the tradesmen, especially the way they worked as a team under the guidance of the contractor.

“It’s not about yelling or giving orders. It’s about choosing the best, most reliable trades people, treating them as friends, explaining what you expect from them, and trusting them to do the job to your own high standards. Building a custom home isn’t a one-man job. It takes a whole team of people, including the architect, the trades, the client and a contractor who knows how to take charge,” says Chip Mulas.

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